Executive Search & Recruitment

Our business is the identification, attraction, screening and recruitment of Directors, Managers and Experts with confirmed track records in their field, on behalf of international corporations and Belgian companies

Assessment and selection of candidates

Effective communication with prospects help us to enlarge our network and understand the market.

After telephone and e-mail discussions with potential candidates, we will conduct rigorous interviews based on the proven skills, knowledge, abilities and aptitudes outlined in the position specification.

Thanks to our partnership with assessment centers, we are able to propose in-depth evaluation for selected candidates - reinforcing our quality of interviews. The assessments will enhance our level of objectivity and give more prediction of how the candidate will work within your organisation. On our side, our team of professional psychologists interpret personality tests.


Our objective is to get a clear view about your organization and its structure. To find your key talents, we need to understand your business, position on the market, company culture, and the required competencies.

A first intake with the Business & HR Business partners is obviously essential to start the collaboration.

Search Strategy

After a good understanding of your vacancy, Get Talent will identify and establish a list of companies where we will track similar talents.

Based on organigrams, we will conduct targeted researches and use our network to get references about qualified potential candidates.

Our search methods are original and multiple. Above jobboards and classical tools, Get Talent makes the extra-mile to find talents through their natural environment, digital & social networks or even at personal events.

We strongly believe that creativity, dynamism, personal commitment and professionalism are essential elements in driving successfully any senior executive search process.

We concentrate on open communication, responsiveness and results.

Follow-up of candidates in your recruitment process

During the entire recruitment process, Get Talent will be a confident partner, giving both (candidate and company) support and advises.

Our transparent communication style gives you a complimentary source of information helping you in the process.

Our experience in handling offer negotiations is appreciated by our clients and candidates.

As long as the process is not completed, Get Talent will persevere in identifying and selecting additional candidates.

Support of evaluation after recruitment

Get Talent follows up the hired candidates on a long term basis. We encourage people and organisations to grow and to reinforce each other.

One of our paramount objectives is to bring added value to our clients. It can only be achieved by being consistently qualitative and successful in identifying and recruiting the Senior Executives who will generate long term competitive advantage in their new work environment.