Tests & assessments

  • Assessments for middle and top management profiles
  • Personality tests
  • Languages tests

Assessment for middle and top management profiles

Get Talent offers, for every executive search mission, an in-depth assessment of the final candidate selected.

Thanks to our partnership with assessment experts we are able to offer a complete service offer, testing candidates with behaviour-oriented exercises and assessment techniques measuring a wide range of competencies.

As a result, we can ensure the process is standardised as possible and the measurements are objective.

Personality tests

Personality tests can be done by candidates, online from home, allowing us to understand their way of thinking and acting in several situations.

The personality form includes 90 questions and can be filled by the candidate in 30 minutes. This method explores 20 personality facets going from leadership, creativity, autonomy, etc…

This test is available, under request, in 12 languages and can be personalized depending on the requirements.

Languages tests

Our multi-lingual team conduct interviews systematically in 3 languages : French, Dutch and English.

Above the oral testing, Get Talent offers the possibility to test the written level of languages of the candidates.

This online test of 30 minutes can be done in French, Dutch, English, German, or Spanish and measure the following aspects :

  • Reading capacities
  • Oral understanding
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar